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Donate to Rural Youth


  • Technological equipment for communications (photographic cameras, video cameras, drones, etc.)


  • Technological equipment for agricultural production.


  • Office equipment (file cabinets, desks, chairs, tables).

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  • Technical accompaniment, agricultural production, in the processes of transformation of products and commercialization, formulation and management of projects.


  • Training in market models and associativity, management and finance, savings, business models, project formulation.


  • Formulation of projects, institutional articulation, Presentation to calls.

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  • We provide a range of financial opportunities. Your support can support ventures with transformative potential, provide the opportunity to attend national and international events to expand horizons, and contribute to social, cultural and environmental projects that build a better world. Your investment not only promotes development, but also becomes a tangible testimony of change and progress in our communities.

  • University scholarships for rural youth who are part of the organization.

  • You can also contribute resources to facilitate their participation in learning pathways and enriching exchanges of experiences. Your direct support will enable young people to access opportunities for growth, learning and connection to diverse contexts. Together, we will build bridges to a future full of promise and opportunity for generations to come. Your help makes a difference!

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  • Seed capital for associative and individual ventures.

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