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We seek the "Promotion and dialogue on inclusion policies for the most vulnerable populations", in that sense we seek to contribute to eliminate the barriers that prevent the inclusion of rural youth in policy initiatives for rural youth, providing spaces for reflection and dialogue that allow us to relate the demands and aspirations of rural youth, with regular public policy instruments and with stakeholders such as national authorities, policy makers and donors.

Line Coordinator


Lida Parra

Social Worker

I am passionate about service and have an unwavering love for the communities that guide me in every step I take. Raised in two departments, Caldas and Cundinamarca, and with roots in Fresno Tolima, I have experienced the richness of diverse cultures and perspectives. My training in Social Work at the University of Caldas has strengthened my commitment to community service and the struggle for people's rights. In my current role as a Youth Advisor, I am dedicated to empowering young people, and as a promoter and creator of the School of Leadership and Political Training, I aspire to leave a legacy by replicating values and skills that will empower future generations. My mission is clear: to drive positive and lasting change in the lives of those I serve.

Flagship Projects


Youth Leadership and Participation Training School

To represent the voices of rural youth and advise the various public, private and civil actors that operate, invest and work in rural areas at the community, national and international levels.

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