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We are a non-profit social enterprise that works to improve the quality of life of children and youth, especially rural children and youth in Latin America. ASOJE is an INCUBATOR OF sustainable and sustainable INITIATIVES; we have become a learning laboratory based on the experiences lived by the youth, which has allowed us to shape and implement relevant initiatives with a sense of belonging to the territories.


Our team is interdisciplinary and committed, with each member bringing unique experience and expertise. We are a community of 40 partners, with an inspiring 47.5% women, reflecting our strong commitment to gender equity. We are proud to have colleagues who not only possess a passion for social work, but also a deep love for rural areas and an innate vocation to serve people. Their ability to share their teachings with love and confidence, nurturing the growth of others, further strengthens our mission to generate positive and sustainable change in the communities we serve.

Our team

Yeisully Tapias Foto_edited.jpg

Yeisully Tapias

Executive Director

I am the Founder and Legal Representative of the ASOJE Association, a dream that was born 16 years ago to give light to the lives of displaced youth in the east of Caldas. My passion for social change and peace building has led us to weave a network of opportunities through organizational processes, training and productive projects. My entrepreneurial approach, responsibility and leadership, along with the ability to generate strategies that drive new initiatives for change, define my commitment to a brighter future for our communities. Every step we take is a stepping stone towards transformation and shared hope.


Lida Parra

Advocacy Line Coordinator

I am passionate about service and have an unwavering love for communities that guides me in every step I take. Raised in two departments, Caldas and Cundinamarca, and with roots in Fresno Tolima, I have experienced the richness of diverse cultures and perspectives. My training in Social Work at the University of Caldas has strengthened my commitment to community service and the struggle for people's rights. In my current role as a Youth Advisor, I am dedicated to empowering young people, and as a promoter and creator of the School of Leadership and Political Training, I aspire to leave a legacy by replicating values and skills that will empower future generations. My mission is clear: to drive positive and lasting change in the lives of those I serve.


Mateo Vázquez

Rural Blogger

I am a young man passionate about the serenity of natural and urban landscapes, nurtured by the rhythms of rock and pop in English. My entrepreneurial spirit led me to create Matt_retrato12 during the COVID-19 pandemic, where I have channeled my creativity. Currently, I serve as a Youth Advisor in Puerto Salgar and I am a pioneer CMJ, nominated by ASOJE. Together, we have woven the fabric of projects such as the Locutoras Urbanas Festival. My role as a media editor and rural blogger reflects my dedication to working with ASOJE and my passion for online connections and visual storytelling.

Esteban Murillo Foto.jpeg

Esteban Murillo


I am a student Master of Music with emphasis in music production with vast musical experience in creative and cultural and musical projects, I am also one of the co-creators of the production company 17 bits Records. I like to look for new musical proposals, learn about the music market. My dream is to be recognized and create a model of cultural and sustainable management in music, and ASOJE has given me support by opening different opportunities to reach this goal.

Hayverth Anzola Foto_edited.jpg

Heyverth Barrios


I am a proactive and highly organized person with strong creative problem solving skills. I enjoy facing new challenges and have a strong commitment to continuous learning. My 11 years of experience in the warehouse and inventory area has allowed me to develop solid skills in resource management and logistics. In addition, my proficiency in creating graphic pieces adds an additional dimension to my skill set.


Yonier Tapia


I am a helpful young man I like to help as much as possible I am passionate about the field, I have the opportunity to be part of this organization for about 5 years, my role is mostly to be part of the logistics team in ASOJE either for local or municipal projects, I am currently a partner of the organization.

Yorivel Triana Foto_edited.jpg

Yorivel Triana


I am very humble and transparent with my commitment and my position as president of the village of Cáceres in the municipality of Caparrapí in Cundinamarca, besides being the right arm of my parents on the farm in the field, they collaborated every day with the daily chores with collecting cattle every day for milking, and then take the milk to an hour to where the route arrives to collect the milk to transport it to the factory where they buy the milk I am very happy for all my daily chores and more for being a young rural woman. I identify myself as a very good leader in my village, I like to collaborate with my community without any personal interest, I like to do it from my heart and that all the processes are handled very transparently with the resources that reach the territory.

Geraldin Hiniestroza Foto_edited.jpg

Geraldin Hinestroza


I am Geraldin Hinestroza Gomez, a native of La Dorada, Caldas, I am 31 years old. I have a professional career as a graduate in Environmental Education from the Universidad de Caldas, with 5 years of experience in Training and Education Processes, I am currently pursuing a postgraduate degree in Environmental Management at the Universidad Andina. My great dream is to obtain a company that generates employment, and thus be able to contribute to the environment. And the contribution that ASOJE would offer is all my experience in management and training.


Juan David Tapias


I am a young man organized in front of my responsibilities, I consider myself respectful, humble, creative and intelligent in making decisions, I am currently in the ninth grade at the Alfonso Lopez Polytechnic Educational Institution, I live in Puerto Salgar Cundinamarca, one of my passions is to be able to speak fluent English and have the opportunity to train others who want to learn, I am part of ASOJE about 4 years and willing to continue contributing and learning from the Organization.


Michael Camacho
Project Coordinator

I am the Representative of the National Network of Rural Youth in Colombia and Vice President-Project Coordinator at the ASOJE Foundation. My passion is to promote capacity building in children, adolescents and youth, and during the pandemic, our organization extended bridges of support to vulnerable families, demonstrating that solidarity weaves community strength. I have guided the creation of Local Nodes across the nation, weaving united and empowered spaces in the diversity of our Departments. Each step in this journey confirms that social engagement is a seed that grows into stronger, more resilient and united communities.

Lorena Bustos Foto_edited.jpg

Lorena Bustos

Environment Line Coordinator

I am a creative young woman passionate about nature, Technician in Environmental Management and currently studying the career of Financial Management, I like to share spaces where I can listen and learn about how to create green ventures that help the care and preservation of the environment, see how through these innovative ideas come to great changes, positively impacting our planet, I dream of seeing a world without pollution where every day humanity is concerned about the care and preservation of the environment.

Cristian Martinez Foto_edited.jpg

Cristian Martinez

Public Accountant

I am a Certified Public Accountant with a transcendent horizon. My quest for excellence led me to earn a master's degree in Financial Management. Today, my role as a professional in business analysis and monitoring at the Fondo Nacional de Garantías SA allows me to weave paths of trust and growth. In addition, I am the accountant of ASOJE, IEC de Colombia SAS, Centro de Diagnóstico Automotriz Yuma SAS and CCD Infotech, where I transcend numbers in success stories.

Jackson Ceballos Foto_edited_edited.jpg

Jackson Ceballos


I am Jack a young man who likes music and arts like drawing and photography. I also like skateboarding. I am humble and charismatic, always willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish what I want. I am currently studying Visual Arts.

Luis Aya Foto_edited.jpg

Luis Aya


I am Luis Alberto Aya, I am a systems technician and currently I work as an engineer for a foreign company, I belong to ASOJE for 6 years, the positions I have held in ASOJE is to collaborate everything related to logistics and technology, I am passionate about art and technology area.

Foto Yanis.jpeg

Yanis Gómez

Support for Initiatives

I am a Market Management Technologist with a solid background in the commercial field. My skills in portfolio presentation, administrative management and entrepreneurial skills led me to found Yanis Gómez, an eyebrows and eyelashes venture. My creative, innovative and methodical approach is combined with a rigorous commitment to procedures. My ability to work in a team and my capacity to establish appropriate interpersonal relationships are key pillars in my work approach.

Catalina Valencia Foto_edited.jpg

Catalina Valencia


I am a technician in International Trade, a student of Bachelor in Mathematics, from the rural area where I learned the love for the countryside and diversity. I have communication and interpersonal skills that allow me to create bonds with the people around me and thus strengthen the community.

Sharon De La Hoz Foto_edited.jpg

Sharon De La Hoz


I am a student of animal science at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia and I am in my ninth semester. I am an enterprising, responsible, honest, creative and kind person, my main virtue is prudence, accompanied by generosity. In my free time I like to read books, scientific articles, do exercises, draw and watch documentaries about animals. My dream is to be able to realize my business and contribute to the food security of the place where I was born and its surroundings. Finally, my goal within ASOJE is to contribute with innovative ideas that help to supply the food needs of the communities through the beginning of the Ovix eggs enterprise.

Cuadro negro.jpg

Carlos Peña


(Personal Description)


Stiven Rivera

Creative Director

I am a creative and innovative person, I am interested in developing strategies that enable social development and visibility of communities, I have led communication projects with youth, children, women, Afro communities, rural populations, victims, cultural, recreational and sports, communications director of the National Network of Rural Youth from 2013 to 2020, creative director of ASOJE from 2015 to the present, it facilitates me to understand and interpret new youth trends, identification of communication ecosystems of communities and create strategies according to the territories.

Lady Ramirez Foto_edited.jpg

Paola Ramirez

Entrepreneurship Line Coordinator

I am Lady Ramirez social leader, in my participation with Asoje I have been able to work with groups of young people between 14 and 35 years old, also with children from 5 years old. Since 11 years ago I bought the passion of working for the communities from Asoje. I participated in the project of conformation and strengthening of local nodes at national level, project financed by the Ministry of Agriculture and executed by Asoje, then I had the opportunity to participate in the project Jovenes Emprenden en Red, project financed by the U.E. and executed by Procasur and Asoje. Working with children and women in vulnerability has been an enriching experience, I participated in the Heirs of the Future Project. I am passionate about serving the community and with ASOJE I know that we will be able to influence communities worldwide.


Andrés Avellaneda


I am Andrés Avellaneda, a passionate young environmentalist and culture and art enthusiast. A student of agronomy and a communicator through photography, his commitment is reflected in 5 years of work with ASOJE and collaborations with international organizations such as IFAD, FAO, PROCASUR and the EUROPEAN UNION, all focused on promoting development and support for young people in Latin America. His tireless work highlights his role as an agent of change and advocate for a sustainable future in the region.

Cristian Florez Foto_edited.jpg

Cristian Florez


I am Cristian Camilo Florez Rivas, a young rural man who likes everything related to the environment, I am a Technologist in Environmental Control, and my main virtue is my love for my homeland. I am currently studying Agroforestry Engineering at UNAD. In my free time I like to contemplate the majestic landscapes and main places of tourist power of my country. My dream is to be able to serve my country, in favor of my career exercised with devotion, honor and responsibility. My purpose in ASOJE is to share and exchange knowledge for the social, economic and environmental growth of the association.

Luisa Correa Foto_edited_edited.jpg

Luisa Correa


I am Luisa Correa, my business is the Bethel Bakery and pastry shop. Six years ago I started our project with my husband Johany Escóbar. Currently I support in every area of production and sales. Thanks to ASOJE we have been able to grow in our enterprise.

Julieth Rivera Foto.jpg

Cindy J. Rivera 


I am an Accounting and Finance Technologist, but also an entrepreneur at heart and founder of KANELA ACCESSORIES. My background covers commercial, accounting and administrative areas, while my passion is focused on customer service, cash handling and collection, invoicing, inventory management, shipping and receiving of products, as well as marketing and direct sales. My operational, structured and service-oriented approach is combined with organizational skills and effective interpersonal relationships, which drives me to achieve exceptional results. Every day, my goal is to transform opportunities into tangible achievements.

Marly Suárez Foto3_edited.jpg

Marly Suárez


I am a motivated and detail-oriented person, always looking for challenges and new opportunities to grow professionally. For 4 years I have dedicated myself to studying and working in the world of aesthetic beauty and have acquired a wide range of skills and knowledge in makeup, massage spa and hand and foot spa. In addition to my technical skills, I also have a passion for agriculture and the countryside. My dream since childhood was to have my home in the countryside and have food crops, for this reason I joined ASOJE presenting a venture which is based on the cultivation and production in the field, a project that I carried out with the few resources I have managed to get in my work. I am waiting for support through ASOJE for this project to bear fruit and make my dream come true.

Cuadro negro.jpg

Juan Camilo Hernández


I am a Professional Sound Engineering student. I like to learn about how sound works. My dream is to become a professional sound engineer. And to help in meetings with people from other countries, so that those people have a good experience with ASOJE is my goal.

Cuadro negro.jpg

Gloria Muñoz


(Personal Description)


Walter Montoya

Technical Project Advisor

I am a public administrator, passionate about the field and support efforts that generate community welfare. I am creative and I like to design proposals that can provide solutions to social problems. In ASOJE I am a technical project advisor. For 10 years I have accompanied the formation of associative groups of rural youth. I have provided advice in the design and implementation of processes such as the National Network of Rural Youth in Colombia and Peru. The CHAO COVID 19 project in Colombia and Honduras. CONPES 173 and 4040 and La Alianza.


Yuliana Tapias

Social Projects Line Coordinator

I am a 28 year old displaced young woman from Sandiego, Caldas, I am a mother of three children, I am a Labor Technician by Competencies in Comprehensive Care for Early Childhood of the Institute of Knowledge for Work and Human Development - ICT, and I consider myself an enterprising woman, trained in principles and values, responsible and honest, with social sense, focused on teamwork and leadership, with skills to generate organizational and communicative strategies that lead to the development of new initiatives that generate social change; I possess skills that allow adequate decision making and good interpersonal relationships, with experience in working with rural population.

Jessica Pedraza Foto_edited.jpg

Jessica Pedraza


I am part of the psycho-social team of ASOJE. I have work experience in the areas of family, community, individual and group intervention.  I have skills to address psycho-social cases related to restoration of rights, conflict, violence and social coexistence. I consider myself an empathetic, assertive person, with communication skills, conciliatory, with natural ability to listen and provide support for the generation of networks.


Yaleisson Tapias


I am Ismael Yaleisson Tapias Arcila, a responsible and enterprising man. I am 26 years old and I like to play soccer. My dream is to be a businessman. And my contribution within ASOJE is to support in the events as part of the logistics of these.

Johany Escóbar Foto_edited.jpg

Johany Escóbar


I am Johany Escóbar, my business is the Bethel Bakery and pastry shop. Six years ago I started our project with my wife Luisa Correa. Currently I support in every area of production and sales. Thanks to ASOJE we have been able to grow in our enterprise.

Monica Villanueva Foto.jpeg

Monica Villanueva


I am Monica Villanueva, a graduate of SENA in Market Management Technology. My ability and skill in food preparation led me to create my venture "Restaurante Ganbaru" an innovative idea that allows me to manage a broad portfolio of services and thus achieve the recognition of our flavor and agility in our service in the municipality and its surroundings.

Delio López Foto_edited.jpg

Delio López


I am a proactive and dynamic young man who participates within the municipality with the training of athletes in the Real Puerto Salgar F.C. Soccer club where we have a great journey and management for personal and professional training of young people. I am a Technologist in Market Management, who participates in the management of projects within the organization. I currently work as a Security Guard at the Cénit Puerto Salgar Station and I hope to continue growing both personally and professionally.

Yara Tapias Foto_edited.jpg

Yara Tapias


I am a loving person who loves and values those around me. I am in the sixth grade of high school virtually in a school in Medellin. In my free time I like to listen to music. My goal is to have my own house and a stable job for my future. I want ASOJE to give me the opportunity to move forward and achieve my goals.

Cuadro negro.jpg

Yuli Bustos


(Personal Description)

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