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Environment and Climate Change

We promote environmental conservation and sustainable management of natural resources to generate environmental awareness and promote the implementation of environmentally friendly practices and processes that also articulate local entities through programs and processes in the recovery and preservation of local ecosystems.

Line Coordinator

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Lorena Bustos

Environmental Management Technician

I am a creative young woman passionate about nature, Technician in Environmental Management and currently studying the career of Financial Management, I like to share spaces where I can listen and learn about how to create green ventures that help the care and preservation of the environment, see how through these innovative ideas come to great changes, positively impacting our planet, I dream of seeing a world without pollution where every day humanity is concerned about the care and preservation of the environment.

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Flagship Projects

Portada Bloguero Rural.png

Rural Climate Blogger

Rural Climate Blogger is a bet from the territories, where rural youth travel through the virtual world making visible the cultural, touristic and business richness they have as a territory.


Orchards Leaving a Print

Promote knowledge and respect for the land through school gardens and design a work plan with environmental education workshops to encourage food production in schools.

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