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Social Projects

​We conceive of this approach as the opportunity to recognize what people are capable of doing and being. To put it another way it is what is called "substantial freedoms", a set of opportunities to choose and act. Defined by being are not simply abilities resident within a person, but also include the freedoms and opportunities created by the combination of those personal faculties and the political, social and economic environment.

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Other projects

Flagship Projects



The Cultural Training School Art Technology and Culture for Peace, seeks through the art of music and dance to strengthen some skills in the human being among which we find, improve memory and coordination, acquire discipline and reduce stress, mobilizing young people to occupy their free time in an appropriate manner in order to minimize the practice of psychoactive substances, early pregnancies and street behaviors.

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As Waters That Passed

Is a project dedicated to the victims of the armed conflict. Together, we will seek recognition and healing for our families, and give voice to the stories of the brave fishermen who have kept the memory along the majestic Magdalena River. Your support is a step towards reconciliation and building a brighter future.

Banco de la Lectura 5

Reading Bank

Strengthen, identify and potentiate skills of young people who want to learn political history and the experiences that have been obtained in a volatile way in our society.

We want to empower young people in a practical, face-to-face way, along with popular education.

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