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Entrepreneurship and Business Development

We identify and design entrepreneurial proposals that can be supported by learning funds as articulated sources of financing, this service is conceived as a mechanism of financial innovation, which seeks to support rural youth to overcome some of the obstacles they usually face to achieve their economic autonomy. In this sense, it is essential to advance in mechanisms and solutions to generate conditions for a better economic and social inclusion of young entrepreneurs.

Line Coordinator

Lady Ramirez Foto_edited.jpg

Lady Paola Ramírez

Social Leader

I am Lady Ramirez social leader, in my participation with ASOJE I have been able to work with groups of young people between 14 and 35 years old, also with children from 5 years old. For 11 years I have bought the passion of working for the communities from ASOJE. I participated in the project of conformation and strengthening of local nodes at national level, project financed by the Ministry of Agriculture and executed by ASOJE, then I had the opportunity to participate in the project Jovenes Emprenden en Red, project financed by the EU and executed by Procasur and ASOJE. Working with children and women in vulnerability has been an enriching experience, I participated in the Heirs of the Future Project. I am passionate about serving the community and with ASOJE I know that we will be able to influence communities worldwide.

WEB ASOJE 2021 INICIO_edited_edited.jpg

Flagship Projects


Entrepreneurship Bank

Develops the methodology designed by ASOJE based on the experience of design, installation and accompaniment of rural youth enterprises in the country (technical services and productive advice).


Learning Fund

To be an independent and profitable provider of financial services to its participants.


Panadería Y Pastelería Bethel - Portada_

Bakery & Pastry Shop Bethel

Johany Escobar and Fernanda Correa

Each product we make is made from wheat, and a touch of love; where we use a handmade table to place the flours already selected and weighed, next to the sugars, fats, yeast, eggs, essences, and / or puff pastry, to be homogenized and then incorporating the water to be mixed and taken to the rolling machine, where it is given a point of kneading and then be portioned and thus create our DELICIOUS (BREADS, POULTRY). Then it is taken to the growth room if necessary, and / or be taken to the oven to give the final finish to be taken to the display cases.

Piscicultura - Portada_edited.jpg


Francy Dayana Cárdenas Osorio

This project is located in the village of Muñoz in the Guayabo farm which is our own. The lagoon is 10 m wide and 20 m long and we produce 500 cachamas since we take out the production every 6 months at the moment we have 2 lagoons and we have to show that first we add lime to the lagoons to remove the soil, we use 400 meters of hose for one of the lagoons in order to bring the water since it is the farm's own water.

Kanela Accesorios - Portada_edited.jpg

Kanela Accessories

Cindy Julieth Rivera Ordoñez

For the year 2021 and after watching and learning through videos we started to offer personalized accessories such as handles, key chains, rings and necklaces, which we make ourselves with materials such as Chinese thread, beads, steel fittings and other costume jewelry materials. I want to have my own shop, in which you can find reminders of the municipality since there are no places that provide these elements and I would like to be a pioneer in this idea and be able to offer a variety of unique products; with this I can also contribute to trade in my town, which can generate employment for mothers heads of household like me.



Yaron Mateo Vázquez Guzmán

I dream that matt_retrato12 will grow nationwide making fantastic or surreal designs that generate joy, nostalgia or endless emotions or feelings in people who request the service, that as a result of a photographic design can smile and take that happiness to their homes.

Adara nails- home.png

Adara Nails-Home

Yuliana Virtud Tapias Arcila

The services that I currently provide such as SEMIPERMANENT ENAMELING, TRADITIONAL ENAMELING, PRESSON NAILS, ACRYLIC NAILS, ACRYLIC BATH, and in the future to provide eyelash services such as RUSSIAN VOLUME, LASH CLASSIC CALLED HAIR BY HAIR, LIFTING OF LASHES, etc.. She clarified that I also wish to be able to help women from other municipalities even cities of Colombia providing this training at an affordable cost for each of them, but also giving away their first kits to be called SEED OF LOVE seed of love, so that they can undertake in this world of beauty, I know that through our work we can improve our quality of life.

Tamales Ceci.png

Tamales Ceci

Breiker de Jesus Arias Gamez

We have looked for several sales strategies and it is to make ourselves known in certain entities that we have identified such as the German Olano air base, where every eight days they use the services of food producers and every six months they qualify the product supplied, we are a hundred percent sure that our product will be one of the best qualified for our taste, our price and quality. We have also identified that Ecopetrol makes meetings with their employees and request food suppliers, so we want to reach those companies, also in the hotel part of Puerto Salgar such as Hotel Plaza, Búcaro, El Chicalá, Hotel Plaza since in these hotels come many companies, we have also identified small entrepreneurs who do not know how to prepare it and be able to sell it at a fair price that leaves profits for them and for us. We visualize the company TAMALES CECI as a company that generates employment for young people who are not given job opportunities elsewhere or who are in the student stage and thus give them part-time work.

17 Bits Records - Portada

17 Bits Records

Jose Esteban Murillo Gomez

The process of realization of each project is different, it can be born from a beat, an idea or a feeling of the artist. Then it goes to a plane of execution in which each song is put together creating the beat or instrumental, recording the vocals and processing them, mixing and mastering to get the product or song in .wav format. The next step is to go to the visual arts department to start all the video and cover work. After finishing the cover and the final audio file, the content is uploaded to the distributor and the marketing plan planning begins. We give a period of at least 15 days to process the lyrics so that no setbacks occur with the distribution of the song and have the approval of all platforms. After the 15 days the song is released on all platforms, we begin to apply with independent curators to enter their playlists by our marketing department and we continue with the plan previously set. After this we start the organic growth process of each production. At the same time we launch ad campaigns to reach more listeners. We monitor this information for 15 days to see what we can improve for the next release.

El arte de la Luz - Portada.png

The art of light

Ivan Andres Avellaneda Sanabria

The art of light works digitally, through social networks contact me and I offer the following photographic packages. Package 50 thousand: 3 digital photos + 3 printed photos, with design and photographic studio Package 80 thousand: 5 digital photos + 5 printed photos, with design and photographic studio Package 120 thousand: 10 digital photos + 10 printed photos, with design and photographic studio The photography is developed in nature fields, rivers or forests. Video: 100,000 per minute.

BMC para Alimentos más Seguros - Portada

BMC for Safer Food

Carlos Mauricio Perez

BMC or (Biofertilizer mycoremediator of Cadmium in cocoa, rice and citrus fruit crops for safer food). My vision focused on finding a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative that could gradually replace the use of chemicals in agriculture. To achieve this, I decided to focus on three key crops: cocoa, rice and citrus fruits. These crops play a vital role in the family food basket, as their derivatives are essential to the diets of millions of people around the world. Improving their quality and yields would have a positive impact on the food security of many communities. In addition, these crops are in high demand in international markets, which presents a unique opportunity to promote sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural practices in the agroexport industry.

Producción Ovix.png

Ovix Production

Yuli Estefany Bustos Torres

It is a venture dedicated to the sustainable production of high quality fresh eggs through the careful breeding and management of laying hens. Our farm is committed to providing fresh and nutritious products while promoting ethical and sustainable farming practices. We specialize in the selection of laying hen breeds known for their high egg production and disease resistance. We carefully select birds that meet health and productivity standards to ensure a consistent supply of quality eggs.


Yanis Gomez Eyebrows & Eyelashes

Yanis Jhoana Gomez Rojas

Currently I provide from the living room of my home waxing of eyebrows with wax and waxing with thread, eyebrow lamination, temporary shading with henna, eyelash lifting, eyelash extensions hair by hair and eyelashes point to point, waxing of the armpits and waxing of the mouth with wax. I want to be a pioneer in Puerto Salgar of a Spa that not only provides these services, but I am also starting with wood therapy and deep cleansing facials, because while I am doing some service to my clients in my research that I carry with the conversations we have I realize that they are women looking for where to go to perform this other type of service then as a result of this my goal is to provide these full services and thus achieve generate more income my Spa.

Agrovida - Portada_edited.jpg


Marly Suarez

Beginning of Plantain Production: We will use the available tools, such as the plow and scythe, to prepare the land and plant the first plantain hills. Raising Laying Hens: We will take advantage of the agronomist's support to establish a suitable environment for the hens, ensuring their welfare and feeding. Resource Optimization: As the owner of the project, I will be in charge of managing the available resources efficiently, maximizing benefits and minimizing costs. Product Supervision and Transportation: Pablo Zarate will supervise the work of the employees, ensuring the cleanliness of the crop and the proper harvesting of the production. Andres Zarate will be in charge of the efficient transportation of the product to its point of sale.

Bolsas BIOCA - Portada_edited.jpg

BIOCA bags

Lorena Bustos and Yeisully Tapias

For this reason our undertaking is to continue with the research process accompanied by professionals in the field, on how to ideally execute the manipulation of cocoa shells to give it a texture that allows us to create a consistent material in the form of paper, after having achieved the exact formula we will proceed to start with the creation of paper bags based on cocoa shells, One of the main characteristics that we want the paper bags to have is that they would be biodegradable and besides this they would have a very significant ecological seal, which consists of the incorporation of seeds in the bags, which seeks to create awareness to the consumer of the importance of avoiding plastic bags that pollute the environment and additionally if you decide to plant this paper bag a plant can be born from it.


Ganbaru Restaurant

Monica Nayibe Villanueva Saavedra

We started preparing dinners for birthdays for 15 and 20 people, those first customers were voice to voice for our venture to gain strength, so we began to prepare banquets for Christmas and festivities for more than 50 people. What I long for is that my Ganbaru Restaurant is positioned in the Magdalena Medio as that place where you can share special moments in family and business; where at the same time they can delight their palates with exquisite and authentic flavors. I want to be a pioneer in Puerto Salgar to have a restaurant that not only provides these services, but also provides the service of refreshments and corporate snacks; rental service props (glasses, tablecloths, cutlery, etc.) for all kinds of events (weddings, fifteen years, first communions, corporate events, etc.).

Mejoramiento Genético En Ganadería Doble Propósito.png

Genetic Improvement In Duplex Livestock

Yorivel Triana Tellez

The goal of genetic improvement is to increase the number of head of cattle and the quantity of milk per head, as well as the quality of the milk so that it will have a better quality. the quantity of milk per head, as well as the quality of the milk, so that it has a good quality and is required for the quality and be required for dairy food processing by obtaining a good percentage of total solids in milk, which are fundamental good percentage of total milk solids, which are fundamental for the raw material in the production of these products. in the production of these products.

Venta de figuras 3d.png

Sale of 3D Figures

William Samuel Torres Pineda

Since I was a child I have loved the plastic arts and I have been experimenting to obtain a good result in my sculptures. I offer sculptures to scale and handmade sculptures. For this reason I want to start to turn this talent that God gave me into an enterprise that not only helps my family but also the children of my country. I plan to develop it at home with the support of my sister and my parents, organize a room to develop the initiative and with the required material and instruments I will be able to start to design larger quantities, make a logo that in fact will help the children of my country. I will be able to design larger quantities, make a logo that I can design myself, and begin to generate a sales strategy for the products.

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